System requirements

The minimum system requirements needed to run the GOOD DAY 4 PLAY software are:

  • Windows 7
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 800x600 screen resolution
  • 50 MB hard disk space


If you face any problems while installing and/or downloading GOOD DAY 4 PLAY software, please, contact our 24/7 support team on [email protected]

Step 1 - Download GOOD DAY 4 PLAY

Click on the download button. Internet Explorer users with a pop-up blocker, please click the info bar and select «Save». This will allow the File download window to open.

Step 2 - Run the EXE

Once the soft download is complete, you will get a download complete notification. Click on the exe that you have and you will see a security warning. You should opt to choose «run» to continue using GOOD DAY 4 PLAY Software. Rest assured that our software does not contain any viruses, malware or spyware.

Step 3 - Install GOOD DAY 4 PLAY client

Click Install and follow the poker room setup wizard. The setup includes an autoupgrader which will upgrade the client to the latest version. Once installed, an icon will appear on your desktop. Simply double-click this icon and you are good to login if you already have a poker account with us or you can setup a player account by clicking on create account option.

Step 4 - Login

If you have already created an account with us, kindly login by entering your username and password.


You can choose remember password and auto login option which will save the credentials on your system so that you do not have to login again. If You need to create an account click «Create Account». You will be directed to the registration page online from where you can create your poker account with us.


The poker client will check your credentials and if they are correct it will log you into the GOOD DAY 4 PLAY software.